A Healing Table: Keeping Perspective

(Part nine in a series on finding simplicity when living with chronic pain/limits; the full series can be found here)

This one is a repeat from a previous simplicity list, but here goes:

Just like our needs are given to us for a reason, i feel our true limits are as well. It would be insane for example for me to pretend i wasnt physically limited in what i can do since i aquired this chronic spinal and nerve injury and the chemical sensitity. Its a true limit. And just as i feel we can trust our needs, so too we can trust our true limits. Our limits are not some kind of sin to judge, but rather they were given to us by Our Lord i feel, for whatever good reason. Finding out what we really can do with those limits is important. But what we can't do, we need to accept. And help that is needed, we need to accept that too. Simplicity to me is not about being tough and stand alone, but about being realistic about both what you need and what you can on the other hand share with others. Limits, like needs, are sacred things really.

And its not just obvious physical limits but more subtle inner ones too. In my life some of those inner limits are time and stimulus for example. A busy schedule or chaotic envoronment is truly not something i can live with, and so it definitely means saying no to a great many things. And it is a true limit... ive tried both busyness and living with noise and clutter etc and my health and peace of mind just plummet at the speed of light when i do, its a very strong thing. So i trust that i was given those limits for whatever good reason by Him. And we all it seems have limits like this,whatever they may be. Limits that are gifts He gives i feel, to lead us on the path He wants us on. Which is, of course, the whole point : )

(Image from He Gently Calls Us)

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