A Healing Table: Hidden Tools in the Kitchen

(Part eight in a series on finding simplicity when living with chronic pain/limits; the full series can be found here)

One of my limits is i can't do too many dishes when flared up....and can't do heavy scrubbing ever really. So though i'm longing to get more and more away from disposable stuff, the reality is there are some disposable things that are just lifesavers. One is foil and parchment paper to use in baking and reheating...no pan or oven to clean. Foil can also be used for some food storage, like keeping celery fresh longer. Another real help is baggies to use in most any kind of food storage or in mixing and kneading. I turn to the baggies more just when flared up, but since i never know when that will be, they are always on hand. Using baggies as food storage means less dishes to wash when your pain is high.

And though i love using my mixing bowl so much, when really flared up its not an option, and its a lifesaver then to be able to put the eggs or batter or whatever it is into a sealed baggie and mix or knead through that instead. The whole thing can be laid on the counter and the mixing then done fully with one arm, not needing any pressure or support from the other arm. When one side of the body is in real pain, this truly helps.

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