A Quiet Table: Just Saying Hello

Blessed Feastday of the Guardian Angels (see here) : )

As for me, its been a busy time lately, but a wordless one. Still not really "back" yet but wanted at least say hello and give a feel for things. Let's see, nutshell version...My fiance is back (insert happy dance here), am moving in mid October to a place somewhat near the ocean, am amazed and grateful that the other day a free ipod was won just by being a certain number customer in the grocery line, am really enjoying cooking Nourishing Traditions style (more at that some other time), am a bit flared up painwise so kind of worn out. But most connected to this blog is this: some very special books have kind of fallen into my lap lately and had unexpected impact, coupled with some dreams and some memories. All centered around some rather intense feelings, and tied in with my maternal grandmother in a sense... the one who, through a dream, inspired the original blog.

Rather than repost that dream, it is (see
here). And so, i might add, is the "angel in the home". I'm realizing the reason i reacted so strongly to the angel in the home stuff lately (seeing some online belittling of this archetype, whether it was intentional or not) and also my reaction to the whole Vision Forum type blogs as well (the reaction there is because of the LACK of deep headship in these places now, as compared to the hope for such seen earlier, more on that some other time)...well all of this stuff is strongly connected. And unfolding.

I believe in ancestry. We daughters carry things from our mothers and grandmothers, old dreams, old wounds, things longing for healing. Definitely the wound in my "motherline" is this wound around not being able to embrace being an angel in the home. There is so much around this stuff that i don't even know where to start. So i won't, yet. Rather i think it will unravel over time in layers.

So just a hello for now. And a hope everyone is well.

And in light of the feastday, just can't resist ending with this prayer

Angel of God (Angele Dei)

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God's love commits me here,
ever this day (or night), be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide
a little child like me.

(First image is A
Peaceful Sunday by Hans Thoma, second one unknown but from here; and for more on angels in general, please see here)

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