A Simple Table: In the Spirit of Simple Pleasures

Susan of High Desert Home has shared a project going on from her friend Aimee, " a week of simple pleasures" . Okay, so the week is at its end lol, but in the words of Susan, " It's not too late to start!" So i'm taking that literally : ) Becuase thats been where the focus has been lately even more than usual (see last post), the little openings He gives us that heal...the simple things, the simple pleasures.

A few things come to mind. One a post that has inspired there, and second a few simple pleasures. First the post, from Melissa of Tea With Milk:

"I was showing my anxiety the other day and my husband reminded me of how fortunate we are. Truly, he’s right. We do have a great marriage. The kids are honestly good kids, and our health is fine. If money is our only worry, then we don’t have any real problems. A check from a client can solve our problems. How easy is that?

Being self-employed forces us to lean totally on God, and that’s a different way to live if you’ve always been able to depend on a salary check to solve your debts. I sometimes envy those who have that security. But at the same time, I’m always fascinated at how the money rolls in. Without letting it become a god, which money has the reputation of being, I do stand back amazed at God working in our lives. It’s not always a walk in the park, but it is an adventure.

As for today. It’s good. We have dinner, and the makings of a bit of income. We’re not there yet, but it’s going to be okay. I find a lot of comfort in that mindset too. It really will be okay."

I'm with Melissa. The little tangible things, the things of our actual day to day lived life.....our dinner on the table, a kind family (even if that family is just you and another, or even simply you and God), a peaceful little home of some sort, a healing daily rhythm.....that's the "real" stuff. Its when i worry about the abstract-y stuff that the worry sets in....the future of my health, how much money we will have, and the like. God is here in the "little" things right now, these little things in life are like His hands reaching out to provide and to heal. Now if that isnt that true treasure...

Then there are some other day to day"little things"as simple pleasures. Walks in nature are definitely one of them for me. I always see something special on little walks like this....a deer, a bird, a butterfly, a stone, a leaf. And even if just in city-nature there is often a play of light that draws, or a cloud that catches the eye, or simply the feel of the air. And what's more, even if one's "walk" is somedays only by looking out the window with an open spirit, even that offers nature's gifts. Every single time there is....something. Its like opening a present. My fiance and i have promsed to take a walk together each day that we can, as long as we can. Its a simple pleasure we plan to be a permanent one....following the marriage advice of my paternal grandparents, who claimed daily walks together to be a most important thing : )

Then there is the simple pleasure of domesticness. There is simple cleaning, and cooking, and even just doing the dishes. Work they may be, but funny how healing they really are. I may forget that, and then my injury flares up and i have to back off from them and realize how much i miss them. How dear they really are deep down. And so too, is this humble little trailer home!

Then there is food, mmmmm....Simple pleasures there lately have been Jasmine suntea, water with lime and msm in the morning (a natural yummy allergy remedy), the lovely cherries and berries that have been in season lately (some at my side here as we speak, smile), the day to day staple of beans and grains (i LOVE beans and grains), mustard mixed with chopped garlic ( a new obsession, and a natural antibiotic too), fresh (even if storebought) sourdough bread. And most of all i have really been enjoying homemade yogurt, which is so easy to make and really feels nurturing. I use this recipe but let it ferment about time and a half so it becomes thicker, like a very thick shake. Then i stir in some well-mushed banana and some unsweetened cocoa powder, and it makes the yummiest shake ever. Seriously : )

Then there is light...as in candlelight. One of the simple pleasures i have enjoyed so much is using natural olive oil for candles rather than store bought candles. Simply take a cotton ball, leaving the bulk of it as is but pulling the top into a taper. Put the cottonball into a nice glass container (like a thick dish or goblet), fill with olive oil leaving the wick exposed, wet the wick with the oil, and light. Any vegetable oil can be used really, though olive oil is traditional. It was surely simple oil lights that were used for light in The Holy Family's home. And just knowing that makes things feel more peaceful as i light it. A true and precious simple pleasure : )

Well, wishing you all a Blessed Sabbath weekend....filled with simple joys : )

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