A Grateful Table: Of Deer Paths and Summertime

I tend to not be a huge fan of summer or spring, am more a cool weather girl. There is just such a soothing cleanness and freshness and quiet in the cooler months i treasure, and i have a harder time with the noise and pollens and heat that tend to be in the warmer months. Yet it seems every year something, at some point, "seduces" me into loving the warm months too in their own way. This year, it had its baby start yesterday... with rediscovering the joy of making suntea (made jasmine suntea the past couple days, yummmmm). But what truly opened the door happened just this evening...

I was out walking with my prince (fiance) earlier, and we saw two adult mule deer on the roads edge by a nice big field. There was something special about these sweet deer, they seemed to trust us easily and actually walked towards us. They even came within a few feet of us at one point, it was just amazing. And at another point in the walk, looking further out into the field, we saw not only a mule deer mama but also her baby fawn!

Now there's been treasured experiences with deer before, but i've never seen such a very young baby deer in the wild...this was a first! The cute little guy was so tiny at first i almost thought he was a large rabbit. And the way mule deer move, he almost moved like one too. Truly, it was the most precious, incredible thing. Definitely goes in the heart's treasure chest.

And it got me thinking, how so many births in nature happen in spring and summer. Surely that is a gift....to say the least : ) I'd be lying if i said i didnt miss the peaceful crisp cooler months, becuase i do. A lot. Yet i still find that, once again, i've been seduced into loving the gifts hidden in summer again. All becuase of a baby deer.

This experience also reminded me of the gentle paths deer lead. A re-mind-er i needed badly...especially today. And now i keep thinking of Bambi's Mother honestly, how she nurtured and kept, how her eyes and words were so soft and kind. I long to be more like that....and i am so grateful for this reminder from the deer.

And its reminding too, of something been meaning to mention here more. Most folks may be already aware of it, but there is such a wonderful gratitude community and ongoing gratitude journal over at Holy Experience. Really inspiring! In fact i'm heading over there right now...just follow the deer tracks : )

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