A Fun Table: Award-y Stuff.... and the Art of Everyday

Sweet Laure over at Sometimes...gave this blog an award today. Thank you so much Laure , that was so kind of you :) ! And how fun too...its the Arte y pico, its picture is to the right, and its details are here.

Though this bends the "rules" a bit, i'd love to pass the award onto to all of you who are linked to in the library here....becuase you are all there for a reason, you truly inspire me. I consider homemaking an art for sure, and when you add the sort of beauty that all of you bring to things to boot, well its such an amazing thing!

And it has me thinking too...our simple everyday living, it really is an art after all, isnt it ? And that's why you all inspire me so much, you live that : )

(Images from here and here )

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