A Summer Solstice Table: Of Praise Walks and Heartprints

Today was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. And when out walking today it was really hitting just what a gift walking is. Walking slows us down to a natural rhythm. And yet at the same time it also raises us up in a way, gives us a rather precious "window" to see things deeper.

Prayer walks are a long standing sacred tradition. Rosary walks are one form of this, walking with spontaneous prayer another. Instinctively, many have known that something about walking can really open a door there. And i think Dawn of By Sun and Candlelight hit the nail on the head by focusing on "praise walks" as part of why walking can be such a door. It helps us see deeper... to see the precious gifts we have been given. Well, not just deepening our seeing to find the gifts but deepening all our senses really. Today for example the smell from the lilacs and sage outside was just pure ambrosia, no denying what a precious gift it was....or how much we are cared for.

From Dawn's post:

"If the weather is accomodating, head out for a leisurely nature walk. You need to bring nothing more than your keen senses with you (though you could of course bring a camera or sketch pad). Smell the new grass, hear the birds in the trees, look around and see the beauty of our world. Look, in particular, for little signs of life... And for everything you see, every little thing you marvel over, give thanks to God for the world He created for us....

Now, if the weather is not accomodating, (you or) your children can still participate in a Praise Walk...sit by a window and gaze out upon the world. From (there we can) can surely see many lovely things to be thankful for...

Simply put, a Praise Walk is a nature walk, but today we bring fresh eyes to the landscape, and we seek out more than just a new flower or the toad underfoot. Today we leave our field guides behind and let our hearts lead the way."

I also love so much how Britt-Arnhild sees this....as finding heartprints in nature. From her post:

"Creation, if you look close, it is not difficult to find heartprints. I have looked after them for years, and have a hearty collection now, both photos and small stones which I collect. My favorite one is the puddle where I found angels playing...

In nature I look at the "heartpaws" as prints from God's walking stick. God is never far away from his Creation, and from time to time, quite often rather :-), he takes a walk to enjoy the beauty of His nature. Let's take care of Mother Earth (so as) not to disappoint Him on his next walk."

A Blessed Summer Solstice...and Good Shabbas : )

(Top image of a rosary walk garden in Lyons France, from here; next image is of a "heartprint" photographed by Britt-Arnhild, from here)

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