A Healing Table: "The Magic of Ordinary Dinners"

I just saw the sweetest little video today, its been inspiring me on this "timely dinner" quest. The video is here, and here's a favorite qoute:

"With your family you should relax, be yourself...just make sure its your BEST self".

It goes on to show how dinner is made a truly special event...

with a freshening up,
with a seperation from troubles,
with pleasant words to each other and kindness,
with a pretty setting,
with a joyful and relaxing time....
right down to its crowning with a nice desert.

At the end it says:

"Do you begin to see now how a date with your family can be a truly special occasion?... There is no family so poor but that the evening meal can be eaten in an atmosphere of warmth and gentleness. There is no family so busy but that it can come togethger in the evening for a dinner date which gives its members something to look back upon with happiness all their days"

I just really love this, its like having a mini Shabbat every night. Which is, in essence, what the daily dusk of Vespers is really : )

(Image from here)

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