A Shabbas Table: The Healing of Co-in-see-dance

Good Shabbas everyone! Well, almost, the sun goes down soon, so wanted to write quickly before it does. Today was the most (note to self: mistyped as mist) healing co-in-see-dance that's happened in a long time and i'm, still kind of "hugging it", so calmed and grateful. Its indescribeable when things like this happen, something healing really happens inside when i can feel we truly arent alone down here. What happened today was i was having the first real "writing day", i've had in along time, kind of a continuation of last night. It felt nice. And i'd been kind of gathering things on, you guessed it, the angel in the home. The post i was gathering for was on angels themselves (upcoming), becuase there is a reason that is part of the phrase angels in the home.

Anyway i was knee deep in angel land here when a package came out of the blue today... my Mother, unaware of any of this stuff (except perhaps through Mother's intuition, smile) had for some reason sent me a little angel stone in the mail...and it just happened to arrive today, when i was in the middle of all this angel stuff, its called the angel of Grace. I was stunned. The deeper i've gotten into this "angel in the home" stuff, some very healing co-in-see-dances seem to be happening lately, some of the others have been in the form of incredibly relevent books falling into the ol' lap, more on that later. But this one, this little angel, has been making me cry. I have needed this SO much. This angel in the home stuff is dismissed or attacked at every corner and it is so dear to my heart. So it is healing beyond words to have a feeling that perhaps i am not alone here. Anyway, a big thank you to anyone reading here, and a hope you have a wonderfully healing Shabbat. Time to light the candles...and call my mom : )

Good Shabbas Everyone!

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