A Musing Table: Unfolding Our "Rule of Lifes"

For some, part of their prayer practice is following or creating a "rule of life":

"A rule of life is simply a structure in which spiritual formation is facilitated. The Latin term is regula, which does not have some of the negative connotations of the English word rule. Your own rule regulates your life the way you want it. It should be something you yearn to do. It is a tool for growth, not a pair of iron pants....

Religious orders and groups commonly have a rule that must be adhered to for membership. A personal rule is entirely your own. Many people already have a personal rule and don't even know it. Coming to church on Sundays and holy days is a rule. Daily prayer is a rule. Saying grace at meals is a rule. A rule is simply a way of bringing God into your life in a regular way. See Your Own Rule for assessing what you already have, and ideas for expanding on what you've got..."

I've been thinking about this lately. And i suspect this little "abbey's" rule of life will be based on what i find myself calling "an iconic rule of Life", and also "heartbeat living", as they are images that have been coming up for awhile now. Its still kind of forming. But if i look at threads then it seems...it's inspired by the sacred tradition of icon making, inspired by contemplative lives i am drawn to, inspired by the quotidian mysteries, inspired by the biblical call to keep at home, inspired by the call to the living fairy tale of Christianity. Well, will have to see how things unfold.

About the images:

Smaller image is of the human heart--yet also looks like the sorts of icons found in the Book of Kells! I find that deeply moving. The little heart image is from here.

The top image is from here, and reflects the feeling i get so drawn to in prayerful living, and below it is an image from the Book of Kells from here.

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