A Shabbas Table: On Art and Trust

I had a dream last night where scenes of the dream later became this very sacred feeling art...it looked kind of like an Inuit version of an Orthodox icon, that's the only way i can think to describe it. And then later, in my inbox was some very cool dragonfly art from sweet Melissa of Those Northern Skies. Art has just really been on my mind as i've gone about the day here.

Take the art pictured above. One artist takes a picture of nature and it just feels kind of flat somehow. Another artist takes a picture of nature, like this one above by Melissa, and suddenly you can really see the tenderness and magic of life there, the "fairy-ness" as i tend to call it. How does that happen? I wonder if it has to do with trust....when what is being seen can trust the artist, maybe it shows its heart more? And its the same when photographing a person too perhaps, like in the photo below. Trust is such a truly sacred thing.

Anyway, it has me looking today at other art i have been drawn to, especially in children's books, where things can often get more down to simplicity, heart, and essence it seems. The images below are from such special sounding books (for more on the first two books see here, for more on the bottom book see here )...

Such are the draws this Shabbat, such as they are. Well...

Good Shabbas all,
And a Blessed Sabbath : )

(Images from here, unknown , here, here )

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