A Forgiveness Table: Restoring What the Locusts Have Eaten

This must seem a pretty odd image for April...but it actually snowed here a bit this morning! First snow i've seen in over a year (i'm a winter baby at heart so snow is treasure). But more than this, this image reminds me of the restored treasure of childhood. To explain...

One thing moving about Pope Benedict's recent visit was this: his heartfelt apology to clergy-abused children (if an abuser can even still call himself clergy). I really love Feminine Genius' reflection on this, definitely going in the heart's treasure chest:

"Our Lord (said) "Woe to those who scandalise the little ones," tying His comment to millstones and mandates. The harm, of course, colours an entire life, which is the point. And yet God also promised "I will restore the years the locusts have eaten" (Joel). All of us who choose forgiveness can have the miracle of restoration in a way that cannot be explained scientifically. It simply happens -- to that I can attest."

(Image source unknown)

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