Why a Bluebird's Table?

This home-maker's blogging journey began with a dream. It was a simple dream really. My grandmother was a young woman, and sitting at this glass table in the back of her kitchen and drinking a cup of tea. The window was open and the air was fresh, the birds singing softly. And she was just so serene there, not a rush in the world. Yet around her was beauty and order. The kitchen kind of "shone", not from obsessive cleaning but from a sort of closeness with it and attention, and the kitchen seemed to almost be gently "holding" her, she was so...safe. There was just such peace in that kitchen, it drew you in like a magnet, I can imagine how it must have drawn in her family too. And the best thing of all was that she was actually...happy.

When the dream ended my reaction was, ironically, anger. I was upset becuase it was just so untrue. My grandmother's kitchen, and life, had been anything but peaceful in real life. But i later realized that my grandmother had a lesson for me, something to share now that she was in a better place and had such heavenly guidance, and it was this: that the key to having things healed more in my life was to embrace somehow truly being an "angel in the home". And so that has been like a precious light i have held to.

I realize there are various ways to be feminine, but its the angel in the home sort of femininity that brings that sweet warmth feeling for me, that feeling of "yes-ness". I like how Elizabeth Goudge put this stuff in her book Green Dolphin Street. She said that one's "home country", which really is that kind of living best suited to one, is what helps one let go of "self" and live a deeper life. And in the dream, the bluebird was drawn to the window becuase of a deeper life being like that being led, a deeper life whose "home country" feels like that of an angel in the home for me.

In the dream, the calm peaceful kitchen drew the "bluebird of happiness" to the windowsill. And the peaceful kitchen was the way it was becuase of a peaceful and allowed to be fully feminine life...a surrendered life under loving headship and it's cherishing. That peaceful feminine life that drew the bluebird was the key to the healing.

I believe this is true for all women. The personal forms of a feminine life may vary of course, just as our branches of faith may vary as well...but the point is that we live the truly feminine lives we were made for. We were given our feminine hearts for a reason by Our Creator, and i feel living a feminine life is the most precious and healing gift there is for us, that it can truly open things up for our faith, for our families, for our lives. And that it can, if allowed, even bring that proverbial bluebird of happiness to our very own windowsills.

So that's the litte "story" behind "A Bluebird's Table". Its simply the reflections of one woman's journey to deepen her faith and feminine living, and to also to gather writings and images from other places that have inspired. I surely hope you will enjoy your visits here dear friends, and that perhaps there may be something of use or interest for your own life : )

(Image is by Professor Dubek, Lady by Baywindow Reading, the original was found at Tea Bag Ladies)

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