A Shabbas Table: "Being Carried"

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Well, we made it safely, thank you Lord : ) And its been a gift. Its a real small town out here, literally feels like we've gone back in time into the fifties (until the gas tank is filled lol). Its a pretty slow paced place, with crime almost nonexistant, and its quite beautiful with wide open skies. On the downside is missing the ocean, and there being lots of pollen here, and more noise and exhaust than i thought from the highway i'm by. So much exhaust that i can see this particular spot wont be for long likely. But still, i have this feeling that this general area itself may be where we settle if we settle in the "lower 48" ( i say that becuase we're both still drawn to Alaska). But there's something about this place, most especially for my fiance...though he's a water person like i am he yet strongly feels at home here....he was born out here, its been like coming back to his roots for him. And he gets along with folks out here so well, fits right in. I just can see it in his eyes...he loves it here.

And though i didnt feel strongly drawn here like he, still i have to admit this place is growing on me too. I deeply miss the ocean, the waterbirds, the seals , the deer....would be lying if i said i didn't. And yet....we were taking a walk earlier, taking in the quiet fields, and the vintage cars and houses everywhere (not showy vintage, just real life vintage). Its just really hitting how much slower it is here. And folks like to take the time to really relax and talk and such. Those old pictures you see of folks hanging out on the patio at stores and such....its real life here. And seems like folks like to pop by each others homes a lot, are quite social. A bit of a shocker for a mega introvert like me honestly (my more extroverted finace just loves it). But i have to admit its really kind of nice. One neighbor even popped by with some homemade soup the other day, i couldn't believe it. Truly, its like going back in time.

Been thinking too about the trip over here. It was sooo beautiful...we went through this one pass overlooking these green hills where i just wanted to sing the sound of music. But the song that was actually going through my head for most the trip was a silly little one (please don't laugh) made up to the tune of "Keep On the Sunny Side of Life". Ahem, here goes:

Keep on the bunny's side
Always on the bunny's side
Keep on the bunny's side of life

Well you'll have Easter every day
Even when its May
If you keep on the bunny's side of life

You see, this little "abbey" of a trailer here, its a "bunny" kind of place, dedicated in part to
St Melangell. And i was thinking about her on the way over here. My fiance's a geneology buff and earlier uncovered that St Melangell's benefactor ( Brochwel, the Prince of Powys) was my ancestor. Just love the lives of St Melangell and her Prince, its a living fairy tale. And it kept popping into my head on the journey....

One day the Prince was out and about on his property hunting for sport, and was chasing a hare with his hounds. The hare bounded over to a hermitess, St Melangell, who had been living there unknown on the Prince's property in a cave, living a life of solitude and prayer after fleeing an ill matched marriage arrangement. She had bonded with the vulnerable little hares there, instinctively offering them sanctuary, and this little hare the Prince was chasing, well he knew it...and ran right under St Melangells gown hem.

St Melangell admonished the Prince for chasing this poor frightened creature (accompanied by miracles happening to boot: his horn refusing to blow, his hounds refusing to advance)....and the Prince found himself backing down. And from then on things were subtly different for him...he seemed to change somehow from someone who without a second thought accosted the vulnerable when desired (like those little hares he was chasing for sport), in to someone who longed to be a protector instead.

The Prince fell in love with St Melangell and proposed, but earthly marraige was not for her and she declined. And instead of running off in a huff of wounded pride, instead the Prince became her benefactor and gifted St Melangell the land where she was living, and more..."(this gift of land) included a churchyard and valley, to be used by her to found a monastery".
This monastery carried on not only traditional monastic ideals but also had a very deep sense of sanctuary for those fragile and vulnerable....so deeply nurturing! And to this very day the land there is a place where those vulnerable little hares are not allowed to be hunted or harmed...what a legacy!

Well, it was occuring to me on the drive over, that this convent, it was the "baby" of the Prince and St Melangell really, the result of a more subtle "marriage" of sorts between kindred spirits. And having a child, even a non-traditional one, changes both partners....it turned St Melangell from a hermitess into an abbess, and the Prince of Powys from a rather arrogant sounding hunter into a wonderfully protective and provident benefactor. Lol....guess that baby clock is ticking here, babies on the brain. I may not have a literal child in my future since i'm already here at midlife, but i am praying there can be some sort of "birth", some sort of real fruit somehow.

Onward with the move, when i was settling in here and went online i found the top two images above, and was so moved by them...Our Savior carrrying us, our singing our joy, they belong together so deeply! And it made me think of how misunderstood that gets, this "being carried". Its practically a crime in the eyes of the modern world, this "carrying" of another....and yet thats exactly what we are called to do. Just like The Prince carried St Melangell. Just like St Melangell carried those little hares. And most of all, we deep down know Our Lord carries us all, as His little lambs.

Terry of
Canadian Blogger added this wonderful thought in the comments:

"Not only is the little guy (we lambs) on his shoulders but both hands of the good shepherd are holding him!

Deuteronomy 33:12
And of Benjamin he said, The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders."

Truly, such a sacred and healing thing, this "being carried". Makes a little lamb...or bird...or hare, or just-every-little-thing....well, sing : )

A Very Blessed Shabbat and Sabbath : )

(First two images by TheBen and lady of names (respectively), found through Laure's beautiful blogs: the first one from
Inspiring Prayer, the second from Selah. Third image is of St Melangell's wonderful monastery, from here )

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