An Enchanted Table: Halloween and the Magic of Life

Online time is still sporadic. But as i've been thinking of Halloween lately, i cant help but think again of the magical, what is truly magical rather than tbe occult nonsense we are told. A qoute jumped out, from the book "The Abbey on the Hill" that i thought i'd share:

"In The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, Thomas Moore says it so well. 'The soul craves ordinary pleasures, depth of feeling and relatedness, wordly delight that is not inimical to a spiritual practice, human scale in the making of culture, and exposure to the magic that lies just beneath the surface of familiar things.'

Sometimes my stuff is just stuff. Sometimes i get too attached and I lose all perspective about what it was meant to be, And sometimes, an old watch, worn long and serving well, holds the magic of God's creation just beneath the surface of its created silver face.""

And i see this feeling a bit in the image above too. The calm cozy and orderly, yet swimming with secret joy underneath, type magic of the domestic and creative....that of hearty soups and and healing teas and cozy creations and long walks and sweet dreams...."the magic that lies just beneath the surface of familiar things".

Our ancestors and loved ones and Saints that we especialy honor at this time of year live in a world where the viel over this magicalness of life has been even more lifted. A life of "the flash" as
Emily of New Moon might say. And i have to admit it comforts me to know this.

I am grateful to the loved ones and Saints who have worn so smooth this narrow path before us, their hands holding ours along the way. May they be blessed.

Wishing you all a truly magical Halloween and All Saints Day, one filled with "the magic of God's creation just beneath the surface"...

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