The Joyful Table Revisited: Expecting Protection

My partner's arm injury is doing well painwise, he tells me there it isnt really bothering him and he's enjoying the time off, calming down from the stress he's been under at work. And while i'm relieved at that, the stress on my end has gone the opposite way really in impact from this event, i've been so stressed lately about finances now that his wages this season are going to be so much less with his injury. I know that may sound so selfish, but its just AMAZING the differnce it makes when basic security things are shaky. I guess in the background i was feeling a bit of security start to grow with us saving a bit for our land, and now poof, looks like we may barely have enough for the simple moving within Oregon and some bills and such.

Many days this past week or so i have either had panick dreams or nightmares all of a sudden, the body showing there the impact this stuff is having (even with the health issues and moving stress my dreaming at least had been pretty calm this summer before the last week or so). Lately its not, and i wake up mega off center and shaky. I have reclaimed my little morning ritual of looking out the window before i rise, but more has been needed. And tonight i heared just what i needed to hear there and wanted to share it, it came via Jeanne of
At a Hen's Pace: Expecto Patronum. She has been under mega stress herself and shared that...

"this morning, God planted this thought in my brain as soon as I awoke: "Expecto Patronum!"

Harry Potter fans will understand immediately. This spell is the only one that works when one is fighting Dementers, those soul-sucking, happiness-draining, life-stealing fiends. In order to cast it, one must muster up all the most powerful feelings of joy, hope and love of life that one can. When performed properly, a full-bodied animal of silver mist bursts forth from the end of the wand--an animal of power or beauty or whimsy, and one of personal significance to the caster. Its presence dispels despair and darkness and drives Dementers from that place....

Expecto Patronum: I expect, or I await, a guardian, a protector.
The Wikipedia article suggests that the spell is based on hope and faith. (In the French version, the spell is Spero Patronum, which is translated "I hope, or I await.")

As characters in Harry Potter learn, it is difficult to muster feelings of hope and joy in the presence of the Dementers' spell of despair. The best way to do it is to focus on a person one loves or who loves you, or on a memory that brought great joy. What a great depiction of the inseparable nature of the greatest of all virtues--faith, hope and love--and their indisputable link with joy!

So this morning, I choose joy. I am focusing on those blessings that make me happiest and fill my heart with love--my children, my husband, my home, my Lord. "

Okay, so i'm not into the spell stuff in itself (even though i love the Harry Potter books). But i do really love the theme here, the expecting protection. What i keep coming back to is this, what came later in the post:

"In the face of fear and anxiety, I expect joy. I await its protection."

The protection of joy, the safety of joy, i just keep rolling that around inside like a healing remedy, feeling something there. What if a joyful table is a safe table somehow? Expecto Patronum.

So I look at what has happened with finances. That is very real stuff. Security is important and our bodies are not wrong for stresssing out and that stress coming out in dreams and such, its natural. And its real. But it is also only part of the picture. The rest of the picture is the one i love is safe and true, and my God too is devoted and cherishing. And well that can just make a girl Expecto Patronum...


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