Table of the Heart: Sacred Heart, Sacred Home

"The oneness of the marital vocation ... the oneness of love, in mind, heart, soul, and body ... of a man and woman bound by the soft, yet unbreakable, bonds of an awesome sacrament: *this* is what will form a home.

It doesn't matter if this 'home' is a palace or a hovel (or anything in between); or whether comfortable or uncomfortable (by our crazy modern standards)!

*Home* is not a dwelling built by hands. It is built by *Love!* It is built by that unity, that oneness, which turns a veritable hovel into a palace of joy and peace. This transformation takes place because the tranquility of God's order reigns in the heart of it...

In such an atmosphere...each individual will find love ... and hence security (which alone promotes that emotional health we call *maturity*). It will be a place where the calendar years and the emotional years blend." -- Catherine Doherty

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